• When does each course start and end?

    Courses start the day you enroll and end after you finish the last lesson! In other words, due to the flexible nature of the course, students can complete course lessons at any time they like and sync up with their teacher once they book a Speaking or a Tutoring session. (This does not apply to Rae Spanish AP® courses, which have a specific synchronous schedule.)

  • How long is each course?

    Spanish 1-4 are all 9-week courses. You might compare the length of this course to a typical high school Spanish course, which takes an entire academic year. We can assure you that everything taught in a classroom throughout one school year, and quite frankly even more, is taught in Rae Spanish online courses. Once you take into account the bloat of a typical school year with long breaks, assemblies, students at different levels in the classroom, classroom disruptions, etc., it is clear that much of the time in a typical academic school year is dedicated to things other than learning Spanish. In our courses, lessons are concise and also in-depth. Practice activities are laser-targeted to practice skills you’ve just learned - no busy work. Rae Spanish AP® courses run all academic year.

  • Does course access expire?

    Yes, course access expires after 6 months (except for AP® courses). The reason for this is to create a sense of urgency and accountability in students for completing the course within a reasonable amount of time. You can always request an extension if you need more time!

  • What is the workload like? Is there homework?

    For Spanish 1-4, students should expect to spend 40-60 minutes 5 days of each week completing their lessons, practice activities, quizzes, and vocabulary study. There is no "homework" per se, except continuing to do fun activities in Spanish in your free time like watching a Spanish-speaking YouTuber, using Duolingo, listening to music in Spanish, etc.

  • What if I have more than 1 student I would like to enroll?

    Each student must be enrolled separately. Please send an email to contact@raespanish.school for a multiple student enrollment discount code as there is a discount code. This code may not be used with any other discount.

  • How do parents/guardians know how their student is doing in the course?

    The course will keep track of what lessons are viewed by students, and student can show you their completed notes and activities each day. Your student's teacher will send a weekly progress report detailing their progress, areas of improvement, and areas of excellence. You can also send an email anytime to check in!

  • Are Speaking Sessions mandatory?

    Speaking Sessions are not mandatory, though an important element of your student's Spanish education will be lacking if they do not receive a structured time and environment to practice speaking using the skills and concepts they learn every week in-course.

  • What are Speaking Sessions like? How are they booked?

    Speaking Sessions are through Zoom or your preferred video conferencing tool. They are structured so that there is time for students to get any lingering questions answered, like a mini-tutoring session. Then, the student and teacher will do a short ice-breaker and move on to speaking solely in Spanish for as long as possible. At the Spanish 1 level, this may be only 5-10 minutes, while at the Spanish 4 level, this may be almost the entire length of the session. Any time left over will be spent on enrichment speaking activities or lessons. There are links in the course to book sessions.

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes! You can become an affiliate and earn a certain percentage of each enrollment after your referral pays tuition in full. To become an affiliate, check out raespanish.school/affiliate. If you already are an affiliate and have questions, please check out the Affiliate section of our Support Center.

  • Can adults (non-high school students) take Rae Spanish courses?

    Yes! Rae Spanish courses are appropriate for students of all ages from junior high onwards. Adult students can choose to receive progress reports as weekly summaries of their progress or not.